Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What we've been doing...

This week has already been kind of busy which is good and bad.  The randomness of the week is as follows:

1.  we bought a mini server for our house so that we can have the ultimate back up of all our photos and files.  This means that in my spare time, I've been cleaning out and transferring photos/files from the 2 computers onto the server.  I could probably do it very quickly if I just wanted to dump everything on the server, but I'm using this time to clean up all of the junk we've collected on our computer.

2.  By "we" I mean "me".  I'm a hoarder.  Not a hoarder of physical stuff like on the tv show, but of free files and documents from the Internet.  I have so many organizational lists/charts/calendars...preschool ideas...scrapbooking...photoshop stuff...anything and everything.  I think I have a problem. ;)

3.  We started a new letter, number, color, site word and memory verse this week.  We had school on Monday and haven't done anything sense.  That's OK though, I had only planned on doing it 3 times a week and we still have Thursday and Friday.

4.  Mackenzie started her first real dance class on Tuesday.  She loved and I loved that she loved it.  The school requires that her hair be pulled up in at least a pony tail.  Their online document says they are to wear a bun, so, me being the obeyer of rules that I am, made her wear a bun.  She fought a little that morning, but once I put it up, she liked it.  It's small, but oh so cute.  Her sparkle shoes are what she wore there so that we didn't ruin her ballet or tap shoes outside.  Oh, and she wouldn't stop dancing long enough for me to snap a decent picture, which is the exact reason we signed her up for dance.

5.  Meredith has been eating.  Surprise, surprise, she likes to eat! ;)  She's had rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes and squash.  She made a little bit of a funny face with the first bite of sweet potatoes, but has eaten every thing I've put in front of her!  Again, not much of a surprise with as big as she is.

6.  We've had 2 morning activities followed by 2 lunch dates the last 2 days and it kind of makes you tired at the end of the day (but clearly not that tired since I'm writing this post at 10pm).  I guess I'm on my second wind! ;)  I asked Mackenzie if she was ready to just stay home tomorrow and do school and play all day and she said yes.  I think we'll do that tomorrow and Friday!  Maybe I'll even get a few projects done during nap time! ;)  You know me, I can't stay still for long!

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