Sunday, January 29, 2012

RRSP: Letter H, 3, triangle, blue

This week we focused on the Letter H.  If you are curious about the order we are going in, the intent is to start with the easiest letters to write and work toward the harder letters.  Curves are harder, so we focus on the straight line letters first.

This is the PowerPoint presentation we do everyday.  Mackenzie really likes to push the button to make it go to the next slide.
 We put heart stickers on our letter H collage.
Again, Mackenzie cut out the vocabulary cards and the she traces the H's.  Look at that concentration! ;) 
She likes to do the letter mazes and letter sorts.  Sometimes the fonts are tricky for her to see what the letter is, but this way she is learning the letter in all kinds of fonts and not just one.
One of our new games/activities is this bug sort.  She has to use the scoopers (kind of like salad tongs) to pick up the bugs and sort them into their labeled cup.  She's having a little difficulty with the scooping, but that's why I got the game - to work on those fine motor skills.

We do a lot of the same activities each week (collage, letter sort, letter maze...), but this week I supplemented our lessons with a themed unit - ballerinas.  Since she loves ballerinas and just started dance, she really liked the theme.

This is a ballerina puzzle with numbers on the sides.  You have to put the numbers in order to finish the puzzle.  This first day, she needed my help, but on Friday, she had it completed by the time I finished fixing her a snack!
 We did graphing for the first time as we rolled our picture dice and filled in the matching image on the paper.  The ballerina slippers made it to the top first!
On another day, I put ballerinas on a "dance floor" and she had to count them and find the corresponding number.  We also worked it the other way, where I chose a number and she had to put that many ballerinas on the paper.
During our first week of school, we did some patterns and she really struggled with them, so this week we worked on them again.  She did much better this time with the ballerinas!

We'll continue the ballerinas and winter themes (from week one) this next week and then move onto Valentine's Day the week after.

She memorized her memory verse pretty quickly again this week and now she knows 3 verses! (And so do I!)  Her other memorization that I've been impressed with is the months of the year song and pledges to the US and Texas flags.  So good for only 3 weeks (9 days) of school!


  1. You rock Momma!!! Mackenzie is so blessed to have you working with her! On behalf of her, thank you for all the time you are putting into that sweet precious girl! :)

  2. Marshahaag@yahoo.comJanuary 30, 2012 at 1:24 PM

    you is smart, you is kind, you is important!

    I love you more than words can express ... Great job with my honey bunny!


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