Saturday, January 14, 2012

Raising Rock Stars Preschool: Letter L, number 1, circle, sight word - see

I started my own preschool with Mackenzie this past week and it was great!  I found awesome printables based on My ABC Bible Verses, a book we already had.  The link above is the blog where I found the Raising Rock Stars curriculum.  I love it all!  She even makes PowerPoint presentations for each unit that help reinforce the lessons for the week.  I'll try to get a video of Mackenzie doing the PowerPoint because she loves it.  I also supplemented the unit with activities from the Bible and Rhyme Program and other miscellaneous crafts and puzzles.  We only spent about 1 to 1 1/2 hours each time we had "school" and we only did it 3 times this past week.

Each day we started with Calendar time.  I made a small binder that includes the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem, the Texas Pledge and the Texas State Song.  We said/sang all 4 of these every morning.  Next came the actual calendar stuff.  I printed a months of the year and days of the week song with a graphic so she can start learning what the words look like.  She already knew the days of the week song, so the challenge is the months of the year, but on the 3rd day she was already kind of singing along.  We look at the date for that day and also check the weather outside.  Finally we sing our ABC's and we are ready for the lessons that day.

I made this board for the weekly unit and so far it's working pretty well.  We read out of our ABC Bible Verses book to learn our memory verse for the week and then we read the application and sing our song.  We use the popsicle sticks to hunt for the letter, number or sight word on the board for that week.

I asked for these drawers for Christmas and Mackenzie loves to open each drawer to see what we are doing next (I only put one task per drawer). 
 I won't go into a lot of detail about what we did, but here are the pictures from the week.
Coloring our memory verse.

Clothespin number cards

Letter L collage
Getting ready to write the letter L

Color matching puzzles

Vocabulary cards she helped cut out.

Letter L sort - capital and lower case.

"L" and "not L" sort.

She cut her memory verse into strips and taped it together.
I'm so glad I have this opportunity to teach Mackenzie.  We had such a good time and we both really enjoyed our quality time together since Meredith usually slept while we were having school.  And after only 3 days of school, Mackenzie has memorized her first verse!
Next week, the letter T!


  1. love it! so glad you're getting to do this with mackenzie.


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