Thursday, January 12, 2012

Organizing: Christmas ornaments

I finally finished taking down the Christmas decorations this week!  Our trees are still up, but Brandon will do that this weekend.  Last week I packed up the ornaments and was excited to try a storage method I had seen on pinterest.  I grabbed a stack of plastic cups I had in the pantry and put as many ornaments as I could into the individual cups.  About 2 dozen of our ornaments were too big for the cups, but that's ok because 2 1/2 dozen did!  I taped the filled cups to a piece of cardboard cut to fit our storage container and then placed the whole thing in the container. 

Then I put another piece of cardboard over the cups so that I could place things on top.
I continued to pack up the remainder of the larger ornaments like I had in previous years and add the tree skirts, jesse tree ornaments other decorations to the container.  This worked great and I eliminated all of this extra trash, just by using the cups.
I also cleaned out our ornaments and threw away the filler/generic ornaments that were scratched and falling apart or ornaments we hadn't put on the tree for years.  For the remainder of the household decorations I didn't really change anything, because they are mostly bulky items that are packed in their original boxes, but I did removed the fall decorations that were packed in the same container because I couldn't find them this past fall because I thought the containers were only Christmas decorations.

The next task is to store the containers.  The only closet we can store 2 large containers is Meredith's closet.  For now, this is ok because she obviously doesn't care, but I don't know where we are going to store them in a few years when she wants her closet all to herself.  Where does everyone else store their Christmas stuff? the attic? the garage?

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