Saturday, January 14, 2012

Organization Project: Greeting cards (Day 1)

I'm tackling this mess of a book shelf in our office one step at a time!

First, I took every thing off the shelves and sorted into several piles - greeting cards, pictures, keepsakes and miscellaneous.  The next night, I decided to tackle the greeting cards pile to see if I could find a better storage solution.

I looked at every card and sorted through what should be kept and what should be thrown away.  It would be nice to keep every card we've ever gotten, but the reality is that we'd need a lot more storage boxes!  So, I looked closely and carefully purged the cards that didn't really have any sentimental value.  Anything for Mackenzie or Meredith was kept and put in the keepsake stack.  The final result was several categorized stacks:
After they were sorted, I pulled out all of the hand made cards to put in another storage bin I have set up for card ideas/inspiration.
I placed the miscellaneous pile back in the previous storage container.  They include thank you's, invites, announcements and general notes/letters from family and friends.  Generally, it's just a keepsake item that should be stored.  The other 2 stacks that I put right back in the box were the miscellaneous holidays and the cards from me and Brandon.

This is going to sound abrupt, but this is where I stopped - it was 12:00am and I was sleepy.  Where should I go from here?  Should I store or display the cards?  I saw an idea on pinterest using a binder ring and that might work for the Christmas photo cards, but what about the actual greeting cards.  I'd like to be able to have them on display AND be able to read them some how.  Do you have any  ideas?

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  1. Lol!!!!Since you worked so hard sorting them, throw them away!!! At least that's what I keep telling Greg to Di with his car magazines. Really, you should scan them into your computer and save them that way. That's what I intend to do with all kids art my spare time. ;)


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