Monday, January 16, 2012

Greeting Card Randomness

When I was cleaning out the greeting cards last week, several cards made me laugh out loud!

1.  I opened up a Christmas card from my step sisters and (2) 10 dollar bills fell out!  I have no idea how old the card is, but for just my sisters to sign it, I think it was at least 8 years old!  I texted them that night and said thanks again! ;)  Looks like I now have some extra money in my purse!

2.  While looking at mine and Brandon's 30th birthday cards I noticed that we both had the same card.  When I opened them, they were both from my mother-in-law.  It would appear that Cindy likes the same cards!  Oh, and apparently greeting cards don't change as often as you might think.  At least not less than every 2 years!  ;)

3.  I found a card Brandon had given me for Valentine's Day one year with a picture of an old couple on the front.  Later I found an anniversary card I had given to Brandon with a different picture, but the same couple.  Apparently we both think they are cute!

4.  I have 3 different George W Bush birthday cards through out the years.  I didn't realize they made so many different ones?!

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