Thursday, January 26, 2012

dollar stores

I've never been one to shop at dollar stores.  I just always thought it was a bunch of junk.  But, recently, my opinion has changed slightly.  A couple of weeks ago Brandon and I browsed one and I was able to find some craft supplies for Mackenzie, plus holiday (Valentine and St. Patrick) paraphernalia and other items for us to use in school.  I spent $13 and felt like I had walked away with a good amount of stuff.  Today, the girls and I went to a dollar store I found a few minutes from our house.  It wasn't very big, but we went down every aisle to see if we found anything we wanted.  Guess what...we did.  They had lots of craft items, some tiny clips for Mackenzie to practice her pinching fine motor skills, wooden lady bugs in different sizes to practice sorting, painted wooden blocks to use for sorting or counting, and plastic shape ice cube trays to use for other sorting games! 

I tried to look at all items and see if they could be used for anything other than their original purpose, so I ended up with quite a variety of items.  One of the random things we also bought were toothpicks with little paper US flags attached.  We've been saying the Pledge of Allegiance and Texas pledge every day we have school, so when we are out and about Mackenzie looks for the two flags.  I thought she would like to play with the little flags, plus we can use them again for the 4th of July and our letter F collage in a couple of weeks.

One of the items I stared at for a while were these 8" square wooden trivets.  I don't even remember the picture on them because I was thinking I should cover them with fabric I have and hang them on the wall above our bed.  The only reason I didn't buy them was because originally I was going to have Brandon make 12x12 frames for me to cover and I didn't know how many I wanted if I switched to 8x8 boards.  I'm going to re-evaluate that in the next couple of days and I might go back next week and buy them.  They weren't made for hanging, so I'd have to attach some picture frame hangers to them, but that's no biggie.

Anyways, don't get me wrong, some of the stuff in a dollar store is still junk, but some of it's not to bad.  I've spent a total of 29 dollars at 2 different stores and have obtained a lot of stuff.  A lot more than I would have gotten at target or even amazon.  I've decided I'll just go once every month or two and check out the holiday items or any craft supplies they might have.  It never hurts to look!

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  1. I used to take the kids to dollar stores at Christmas to pick out gifts for everyone. It fit our budget! And they enjoyed getting to shop for each other. I also found that some of the dollar stores had great chocolate after season. Glad you found some things!


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