Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Gifts: Memory Book

For Christmas I made my mom (Momma) and grandmother (Granny) memory books.  I decided to make the book out of brown paper sacks - an idea I had seen online.

First I started by folding the brown paper sacks in half.

I stacked them in opposite directions every time I put one in the pile.  This way every other page would have the opening of the sack on the end.

I punched holes in the middle and bound the book with cording.

I used these journaling cards to record 38 memories I shared with Momma and 38 memories I shared with my Granny.  I started each card with, "I'll always remember..."

Next I created 38 layouts for the cards that would cover each page in the paper bag book.  These are Granny's pages.  I haven't scrap booked in so long and I had forgotten how much stuff I had.  I didn't have to buy anything to create all of these pages and I didn't even put a dent in the amount of scrap booking paper I own!  Well, I guess I should say that I didn't buy anything recently...since I bought all of this stuff years ago!

Momma's layouts:

After all of the pages were glued to he book, it was pretty full!

Every other page opened and created a keepsake pocket for pictures or mementos.  I tried to place the memories that I knew I had pictures or other keepsakes for at these locations so they could be inserted into these pockets.
Below are the finished products.  I covered book with card stock and added ribbon to hold the fat book together!  Granny's is the brown and floral book to match the page motif and Momma's is the polka dotted book to match her bright colored pages.

They aren't perfect and if I do another paper bag book, I will make it about half the size.  These were just too fat and hard to insert the last few pages correctly.  I also think I might make the pages a little larger than the paper sack in height so that they can cover that edge.  I worked on these books every night the week before Christmas (9:30-12:00) and finished them on Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve.  I could get used to having the time to be crafty like this, but it would be nice if I could do it during the day rather than after everyone has gone to bed!

Brandon was also creative on Christmas Eve when he found his childhood legos and created this:


  1. How much do you rock? This is SO cool! I know they were loved and will be appreciated for years!!! :)

  2. Charlton- what a wonderful gift for your mother and grandmother! That is such a meaningful gift, and something they will keep forever.
    Brandon's 'creation' made me laugh! He spent a LOT of hours with legos when he was growing up.


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