Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Gift: Goodie Boxes

I made the Dad's Goodie Boxes full of treats for their Christmas gifts.  Since I'm addicted to Pinterest, I thought this would be the best time to try out all of the yummy desserts I had seen online.  Each father received a box that looked like this!  I know there isn't anything to scale this box with, but it's big!  I made A LOT of goodies! ;)

Inside it looked like this:

Here are the cookies in detail.  The pictures don't do them justice.  Don't judge a cookie by it's packaging - just go to the recipe link and try them yourselves! ;)

Candy Cane Blossoms - the basic sugar cookie covered in red or green sugar with a candy cane hershey kiss on top.  Be careful - these will turn your teeth and hands red or green!

Funfetti fudge - white chocolate fudge with candy sprinkles.

Chocolate Chip Cooke Dough Truffles - my absolute favorite!  Raw cookie dough, but it doesn't have eggs, so it's safe to eat.  I have eaten way to many of these in the last month.

White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread - Cherry shortbread cookie dipped in white chocolate.

Mint Chocolate Chip Chocolate cookies - I couldn't find the mint chocolate chips so I just used Andes mint chips instead.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Marble Cookies - these were probably my least favorite.  Not because I don't like chocolate and peanut butter, but I felt the recipe was a little bland.  I'll have to ask my dad what he thought to see if I'll keep the recipe.

Elves Snickerdoodles - snickerdoodles covered in colorful sugar.  Again, becareful with the teeth staining.
Chocolate fudge with walnuts - the easiest fudge recipe ever.  I found this one in a food network magazine last Christmas, but they have it on their website too.

Oreo Cake Balls - everyone's favorite.  These are the easiest thing to make!  That is great and dangerous at the same time.  These are great!

I made a list just after Thanksgiving of all the desserts I wanted to make and created a shopping list for everything!  I made about 2 or 3 recipes a week and stored all of the goodies in the freezer until I gave them away.  I did have a couple of duds that were so bad, they went straight to the trash and I had one cookie I never got to, but all in all, the cookies and fudge were great.  I also created smaller boxes for the neighbors and I still have a small assortment in the refrigerator.  I baked so much in one month, that I think I'll be fine if I don't bake any time soon! ;)  The good news is that I have an arsenal of desserts ready to go if ever I need to bake!

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