Monday, January 30, 2012

5 months

Meredith is 5 months old!  It's an off month as far as a doctors check up, so I have my own stats:

Weight - 18 pounds
Height - 28"

At 5 months, Meredith:
 - rolls from her back to her stomach every time she's put on her back
 - is eating (5) 7oz bottles a day - pretty much every 3 hours from 7:30am to 7:30 pm.
 - eats oatmeal and other solid food in the evenings.
 - recognizes a bottle when you show it to her and then reaches for it to put it in her mouth.
 - tries to sit up in her car seat and high chair.
 - wears size 6 month clothing.
 - wear size 2 shoes.
 - loves to hear me sing.  If she's upset in the car, I can usually sing to her and she stops crying.
 - is finally starting to like baths.
 - still loves to be swaddled at night when going to sleep.
 - is starting to fall sleep on her own without being held.
 - has started trying to get her knees under her when laying on her stomach!  Please don't crawl anytime soon! ;)

I didn't really have any good pictures of Mackenzie at 5 months.  Apparently I only took 3 pictures total and the one below is the best one to use for a comparison with Meredith.

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