Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday with Tiny

Today we bid farewell to Tiny...in the blog world anyway.  We actually said goodbye to him on Christmas Eve, blew him kisses and said see you next year.  In his final week here he wasn't very active.  I think flying back and forth from the North Pole really got to him by day 21! ;)

Day 21 - Riding in the sleigh on the mantel.

Day 22 - Hanging out in a stocking.  Maybe he was trying to see how much room Santa had for gifts!

Day 23 - Riding a horse on the exersaucer.

Day 24 - He turned on the Christmas lights for us!

It's been fun having Tiny in the house, but having a house guest for an entire month can get kind of tiring!  So long Tiny...see you next year!  We can't wait for our snow donuts again at our North Pole Breakfast! ;)

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