Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday with Tiny

It's time to find out where Tiny, Our Elf on the Shelf, has been this past week.  After missing another Friday night, Brandon decided to help me hide/position Tiny a couple of nights this past week.

Day 14 - he had trouble with the toilet paper!

Day 15 - hanging from the light fixture

Day 16 - making new friends with Emily and Abby and wishing he had more clothes to choose from!
 Day 17 - I think Tiny sensed that I stayed up too late working on Christmas Cards and didn't want to disturb me to help him hide the night before! ;)
Day 18 - fishing in the bowl?

Day 19 - Mackenzie wanted nothing to do with Tiny's green milk!

Day 20 - taking a ride around the kitchen.
Tiny will only be here for 4 more mornings, so stay tuned for next week's final installment of Tuesday with Tiny! 

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