Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Surprise Ball

I'm always looking for new ways to give money as gifts.  I've done the wadded up dollar bills, I've made origami boxes out of dollar bills, we've given money in a plastic maze toy that requires you to solve it first.  This year, I came across the "Surprise Ball".  Typically it holds tiny trinkets in the layers of paper, but I decided this was perfect to hide money in.

Supplies needed:
1.  trinkets or in my case money - Brandon got $2 bills and dollar coins for us to wrap up.
2.  crepe paper - I had plenty of left over streamers from Mackenzie's 3 birthday parties.
3.  scissors - the crepe paper needs to be cut in strips
4.  tape - I only used this for the first and final strips

First, cut the crepe paper into strips - I made them about two feet long.  Then cut the strips lengthwise to make thinner strips.  I was going to skip this step originally, but it doesn't wrap well into a small ball when it's that wide.  I made sure I had a strip of each color for every coin or bill I had, plus extra for the outside finished product.
Start with a center item - I put 5 of the coins together to create the center of the ball.
Then continue wrapping the strips of paper to form the ball.  I had six different colors, so after one round of all the colors, I would add a coin or bill.

Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.
Once complete, decorate the outside however you like it.  I kept mine simple since they were going to 7 and 14 year old boys!
This is the start of unwrapping the surprise ball.
I think they thought it was fun even if it did take a while to unwrap.  Since money fell out every 6 strips of paper, it helped them stay interested in opening the ball.
The finished pile of scraps!
This was fairly easy to do, so I will definitely be doing this again in the future.

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