Saturday, December 24, 2011

Project: Laundry Room

It seems like since I've been home, my list just keeps getting bigger and BIGGER!  I decided that I want to tackle a few rooms this next year.  I plan to clean out, organize, paint, redecorate the room that I'm working on at the time.  I want to start with the laundry room - the smallest room, other than closets.  I took a few "before" pictures the other night with the intent of taking pictures of the finished product in the next couple of months.

While looking at paint colors online the other day, I found an awesome tool at Sherwin Williams.  They've probably had it for a while, but since I haven't painted anything in forever, it's new to me.  You upload your picture, "mask" off the walls and drag and drop colors onto the photo.  What do you think?

I want something kind of bright that I wouldn't normally do in any other part of the house.  I like the idea of the turquoise walls with black or white accents.  Mackenzie said I needed a bright pink, but I'm thinking I'm going to pass on that idea. ;)

Besides paint, I want to take down the rod above the dryer and add shelves for household supply storage.  As nice as it is to have a rod to hang clothes, this one is just too high (7'-0) and I have to try and reach over the dryer to get to it.  Because of the difficulty I don't use it and since all our doors are 8'0" tall, I can't hang anything in the door ways.  I end up pushing clothes out of the way in the closet for something to dry there or I have to hang it on the shower rod in the hall bathroom.  I'd rather have some additional open shelves where the rod is and add a drying rack to the other wall above the laundry sorter.  This is one I found online that Brandon can easily make for me.
It pops back in place against the wall when not in use, so I think it's perfect.  I also need to find a place to hang my ironing board and iron so that they aren't always in my bedroom or the living room.

Anyways, we'll see how fast this project goes and if we start in January.  The first task, painting, is a doosie since it requires moving 3 large appliances!  I think I need to pick the wall color soon so that I can be ready to paint as soon as I have 2 free hands and Brandon to move the appliances.  I might need a babysitter for a day so that 2 free hands can become a reality! ;)

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