Monday, December 12, 2011

Girls' Christmas

This past weekend my Aunt and cousin came in from Utah for a visit and to celebrate our "Girls' Christmas".  For several years, me, my mom, my grandmother, aunt and cousin have had a small get together to exchange gifts before Christmas.  Now, we've obviously added Mackenzie and Meredith to the tradition.  We had a great time visiting, exchanging gifts, eating and of course, laughing.  We do A LOT of laughing when we are all together!

I didn't take too many photos since I was too busy having fun, so it makes it look like it wasn't much fun, but it was. 

Meredith received several handmade items (more on that later in the week), her first Christmas ornament, and other cute gifts.  Mackenzie received a goodie bag full of craft activities to do leading up to Christmas, a cute elephant purse and many other wonderful gifts.  I, too, received great gifts including a cookbook, notepads and kitchen stuff.

By far, this is one of Mackenzie's favorite gifts and it was just something my mom gave to her, not really as a Christmas gift, but just because.  It's called a Merry-oke.  It's a microphone that plays Christmas songs that you can sing along to (karaoke style).  It also has a button that makes you sound like an elf when you talk into it.  She really loves this microphone, but we are having to teach her that she doesn't have to yell into a microphone since it already amplifies her voice.  She understands that concept...sometimes. ;)

After our gift exchange we ate yummy baked potato soup on my new Christmas dishes!  Aren't they cute?
I have matching red, over sized cups that we used as bowls, too!

So, with less than 2 weeks to Christmas, all of my parties are officially over and now I can finish up my Christmas gifts!  I only have a few handmade projects left! Woo Hoo!


  1. Yes - your dishes are cute!!! Gotta love hoiday dishes. I inherited Granny's TG dished last year and love them! That Merry-oke looks too fun. I may need one! :) Glad you had fun. It was a JOY to see Rhonda and Chloe on Sunday AM. I miss them so much! Happy making the rest of your gifts! :)

  2. We had such a good time! I already miss everyone. (But not the Merry-oke.) LOL


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