Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Funny stuff!

It's time for my monthly update of Mackenzie's funny and cute stories!  There are so many every day, but these are the ones I remember now.

1.  We were catching up on our Advent Jesse tree the other day and I don't recall exactly what I asked her, but she told me, "God is in my heart" and put her hand on her chest.  So adorable!  Then on another advent devotional the symbol was a tree stump with a new branch.  The stump represents Jesse and his family and the new branch represents Jesus.  When I asked her if she knew what a tree stump was, she said "yes, a stump makes a house."  When I said not really, she quickly informed me that it made Shrek's house!  Why, yes I guess it does!

2.  While walking around with just her pajama pants on she informed me that she was "daddy, but not furry."  I laughed out loud and had to resist the urge not to call Brandon right then!

3.  Some words are just hard to pronounce!  Vanilla, Chocolate and Pretend were last week's challenge words.  I only had to get her to repeat the words exactly as I said once and she said them correctly from then out, but they were previously pronounced like this:
I'm glad she says them correctly now, but it was cute to hear her say "would you like va-illa or choc-lick cookie?"

4.  Mackenzie talks gibberish a lot!  She does it on purpose and knows she's making up words.  When you ask her what it means, her response is always, "it means what can you do."  I guess that's her way of saying that she's going to make up words all she wants and we can't do anything about it! ;)

5.  Mackenzie walked up to me the other day and said she was a conductor.  I couldn't tell she was doing anything other than stand there, but then I noticed she was pointing her big toes straight up.  I didn't understand how this made her a conductor because I was thinking of a musical conductor.  When I asked her why her toes were up she told me it was like Dinosaur train, a PBS cartoon.  Below is a picture of "Mr. Conductor" - look at his big toes!  Talk about attention to detail.

I'm loving being home 24/7 with her to hear all that she says - it makes my day, every day!

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  1. All I have to say is, "What can you do!?" LOL She is so funny!


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