Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Miscellaney

We've been busy these past 2 weeks doing several different Christmas activities.  We made a reindeer hat the other day and Mackenzie insisted that we make a reindeer puppet to match our Turkey puppet.
I used a circle punch for the eyes, so she wanted to use the punch for the puppet as well.  I guess this reindeer is a special polka dotted species of reindeer!

I had several different printouts for Mackenzie to work on periodically, so I copied an idea from my favorite website and put all of the sheets in sheet protectors and in a binder.  This way she can use a dry erase maker and color/fraw as many times as she wants to!

We've also been doing the patterning ans size sort activities like we did in November, but this time we have two separate sets - one gingerbread people and the other the Nativity seen.  Again, both printouts from my favorite website!

This past week we explored food crafts - yum!  First we made the Christmas trees from sugar ice cream cones and green icing.  It was messy, but very delicious!  Of course you can't really go wrong with sugar!

Saturday we built our gingerbread house.  At one point Brandon asked if I was making it or if Mackenzie was making it.  My reply, "I ice, she decorates."  I know I'm pretty particular when it comes to things like this, but I did ask her if she wanted to ice it ans she said no - I tried to let go. ;)
The house is complete!

The icing in the kits isn't that great - or maybe dispensing it from the plastic bag is the problem!  Maybe next year I'll use my own icing with actual decorating tips.  Remind me in a year to re-read this post prior to making the house!
 The backside was really boring, so I added two M's for "Momma" and "Mackenzie".
I have a few more crafts I still want to do and time is running out!  Hopefully we'll get to them, but if not, we'll do them next year!
Merry Christmas!

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