Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Blog Recap

I've done an end of year blog recap the last couple of years, so why not do it again for 2011!  I love looking back at the year to see/remember what we did.  In the past I've only focused on the first post of each month, but this time I think I'll just catch the high lights of each month.

January had 2 big highlights - Granny's surprise birthday party and Mackenzie announcing she was going to be a big sister.  Granny's party was fun because we also got surprise her with my Aunt and cousin.  We don't get to see them often since they live in Utah, so it was great to have them at the party.  We actually didn't get to see them again until a couple of weeks ago for our Girls' Christmas.  Announcing I was pregnant was also great, especially since we got to tell it through Mackenzie this time.

February was random with no major highlight except my birthday.  Mackenzie was sick Valentine's day week, but I'm happy to report she hasn't been sick since!  That's a record for us.  here's hoping she finally got mine and Brandon's immune system and will hardly ever get sick.  February is when we also learned that Mackenzie's most feared punishment is to go to her room.  Not time outs in the living room, no this girl hates being sent to her room.  This is still true!

Wow only 5 posts for the month of March!  The highlights include going to the Livestock show and the Children's Museum.  The latter was more fun for both Mackenzie and us.  Since animals still aren't Mackenzie's thing, I'm not sure if we'll go back to the livestock show this year, but we'll definitely go to the museum this next year.

Whoa - April was big!  Brandon and I went to Vegas, All 3 of us went to Sea World, Mackenzie moved to her "big girl" bed, I turned my first year of blogging into a book, we celebrated Easter and we found out we were having a girl!  So many things and all sooooo soooo fun.  I have since made my second year of blogging a book and I've finished 2010 (3rd year) but haven't sent it to the printer yet as I was waiting for some Christmas money. ;)

May was oh so random, but the biggest post was that we had finally chosen a middle name for Meredith.  It's funny to look back and see when we chose the middle name, because I had it in my head that we didn't choose the name until about a month before she was born, but no, we had plenty of time.  This is why I blog, so I can remember all of this information!

Activities, celebrations, activities.  Mackenzie had a dance recital (it happened in May, but I blogged about it June), a birthday party at a gymnastics place, and another trip to the Children's museum.  Brandon and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary.   And most importantly, I discovered that Mackenzie's hair is, in fact, getting lighter! ;) 

In July, I pampered my self, Brandon became oh so crafty in the garage, I finally finished my pregnancy book I'd worked on for 3 years, I finally decorated our bedroom and was contemplating a repeat c-section.  Since then, I've pampered myself 2 other times, Brandon has built several other things in the garage, I have done nothing towards creating book for Meredith, I haven't done any other decorating and I had a repeat c-section!

August was another big month!  We prepared for Meredith's arrival, I decided to stay home with the girls after Meredith's birth, Mackenzie was so very cute in so many new clothes, I got bigger and bigger and bigger, my niece and nephew turned 1 and finally Meredith arrived at the end of the month!

In September we celebrated Mackenzie's 3rd birthday, Brandon and I went to and Aggie Football game for the first time in 9 years and in general I just fed and cuddled my two little girls!

26 posts - a very busy month!  I discovered Pinterest in October and my life will never be the same!  Meredith found comfort in the sling, Mackenzie and I did fun Halloween crafts and activities, and I started a daily picture blog.  Mackenzie's birthday party was also in October and boy did I go a little overboard!  That's what happens when you are stuck inside with a newborn and pretty much constantly think about a party and shop online! ;)  I also took lots and lots of pictures of the girls, played inside and outside with Mackenzie and started cooking again!

Another busy month!  In November, Mackenzie and I played outside, did crafts and learning activities inside, we all celebrated Thanksgiving (twice) and I took the girls to have portraits made!  I still need to buy frames for a the pictures I'm keeping.  We also started getting out and about going to the library, visiting Granny and Papa and going to ladies bible class.  Fun!

As the year was wrapping up, we celebrated several Christmases (3 so far), discovered Tiny (our Elf on the Shelf), made Christmas crafts, said funny stuff and in general had a lot of fun!

So that is 2011 in a nutshell - well, maybe a very large nutshell!  If you blog, I highly recommend you go through your past posts for the year.  It's really cool to look back at your year and see what you've done or at least what you blogged about! ;)


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