Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So Glad

If I hadn't decided to stay home with the girls, I would be returning to work in 2 short weeks!  I cannot imagine having to go back to work soooo soon.  I know if I was returning, I would have a different mind set because I would have been counting down a long time ago, but to have to go back when Meredith is only 12 weeks would not be fun!  I remember taking Mackenzie to school for the first time and I'm just so glad I won't have to feel those emotions for several more years with Meredith! ;)

So, instead of returning to the office to work, I went for a visit last week.  The 3 of us visited with all of my former co-workers and had a good visit.  They were even nice enough to entertain Mackenzie with highlighters, paper and other office supplies while I chatted with my former principal.  We stayed for an hour and half and Mackenzie came home with yellow and pink highlighted hands, a belly full of candy and a bag full of random stuff from the office!  And I came home having had an hour and a half of adult conversation! ;)

Of course, I had to dress Mackenzie and Meredith up in order to show them off! ;)

Now, here are additional picture of Meredith.  The headbands are growing on me!

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