Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Good Friend

I am still friends with my last college roommate.  In the 10 years since we were roommates, we've occasionally gone to the same church, been to each other's homes a few times and generally kept in touch.  Teresa and I have a lot in common - not only did we get married in the same summer, our oldest daughters are 3 months apart and our youngest daughters are one week apart!  We apparently keep right on schedule with each other.  In some ways we are similar and in others we are not, but I think that's what makes the friendship work.  I don't recall us ever fighting in the year that we lived together (which is saying something when young girls live together!) and although we haven't talked to each other constantly in the last 10 years, we've always been able to pick right back up in our friendship.   

After not talking too much while we were pregnant this past year, we finally "re-connected" after Meredith and Macy were born.  You should have seen the looks we got when we both took the girls to whataburger a month ago after library hour!  We had to take turns holding the crying babies and ordering our food and preparing the drinks for Mackenzie and Lyla.  We learned that we might not do that with just the two of us anytime soon!  That is actually what triggered the play dates at each other's houses!  This past week, the girls came to our house and Mackenzie and Lyla had so much fun playing outside in the beautiful weather.  Teresa and I also had fun just sitting and talking while the little girls slept in our arms.  They have a pool and we have a playground, so between the two houses, we should never be lacking an activity to do all year round for the girls! 

It's so nice to be able to talk to a friend who is going through the exact same stage in life as you are.  Are you sleeping through the night?  How do you punish the older child?  What do you do at nap time?  How are you losing the baby weight?  It's great to have a few hours to talk to a friend who knows a lot about you and that you feel at ease with.  I'm looking forward to many more play dates! 

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