Friday, November 4, 2011

Deep Cleaning Schedule

I found this "Deep Cleaning" schedule on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and really like the idea.

I like most of the topics, but I think I need to combine/change some of the areas in order to encompass all areas of my house.  I also rearranged the timeline, because I think some tasks are better suited in other months due to the holidays.

Jan:   Laundry/Pantry (reorganize after holiday cooking/baking/entertaining is finished)
Feb:  Blinds/Curtains
Mar: Ceiling fans (before they come back on for the summer) & Light fixtures
Apr: Windows (while it's still cool outside)
May: Baseboards/moulding
Jun:   carpet & floors
Jul:    Furniture/Built-ins/Bookshelves
Aug:  Bedrooms (clear out before girls' birthdays and holidays)
Sep:   Air Vents
Oct:   Closets (prepare for storage of Christmas gifts)
Nov:  Kitchen/Butler's Pantry (prepare for holiday cooking/baking)
Dec:  Bathrooms (prepare for holiday parties/guests)

So, what do you think?  Do any of you have a schedule like this?  Does it work?  Do you think it needs to happen more often?  Do you think certain areas should be in other months?

I actually cleaned out my closet and one of the hall closets last week, so I did a partial deep cleaning.  But, now I better move on to the kitchen.  After moving all of the baby bottles/utensils back into the kitchen when Meredith was born, I have some major reorganizing that needs to happen!  I'd like to say if I do just a cabinet a day it won't take so long, but we all know that you can't just organize one cabinet without doing the rest that day!  Inevitably, there is always something that should move to another area and then when you put it in that cabinet, you look at it and find something else that needs to move to another cabinet, and it just keeps repeating until you wind up with all of your cabinet doors open and everything out on the floor and counter tops!  I think I'm going to have to tackle this project when Brandon is home on the weekends or during nap times if I can get both girls to sleep at the same time and in another room just in case I make a lot of noise like dropping all of the Tupperware from the upper cabinet. ;)

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  1. These are good ideas! I have read about women who clean their house from top to bottom every Friday and prepare to rest on the weekend, especially Sunday. But that is a lot! I think you can find what works for you as you go.


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