Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crafts & Pre-school

This morning closely resembled a preschool vision I've had since I decided to stay home.  We didn't do everything I want to do on a daily basis, but it was still a good morning and hopefully this will be the beginning of a new schedule.  At the beginning of the month, I made a list of all the fall/Thanksgiving crafts I wanted to do this month (about 2 a week) and up until this morning, we had only done 2!  So, this morning we started with 2 crafts!  First we made a turkey puppet that I saw online somewhere.  I like that the "feathers" are her hand prints, so I'll need to keep it as a keepsake for her hand at age 3.  Since cutting out the hand prints was time consuming, I had her count the hands as I cut them out and match which hand went with each hand print.  Then she got to do her favorite part - glue!

Next, we made a turkey hat.  At first, she didn't like that I wrapped a piece of construction paper around her head, but she got over it when she realized what we were making.  I pulled out craft feathers to glue on the construction paper feathers, but I forgot to give them to her. Again, I found this online also and I think it turned out real cute. 

Shortly after that, I pulled out some of my printouts I found at my favorite website 1+1+1=1.  She has an entire Thanksgiving pack and I selected a few of the activities to do with Mackenzie.  First, we put the "Mayflower" in order from biggest to smallest.  Since this was my first time to sort by size with her, we started with all of the pictures on the floor and I would ask her to put the "biggest" mayflower on the coffee table.  After she did that, then I would ask her again to put the "biggest" mayflower on the table.   This continued until all 6 were on the table in size order.  We did this several times and discussed that the images went from biggest to smallest.  I think tomorrow or next week we might just see if she can do it on her own without me asking her 6 times, although she liked the repetitive question.  She waited for me to ask the question and even told me to ask the question one time when I was waiting to see if she would do it on her own.

After size sorting we worked on patterning (from the same Thanksgiving pack).  We did AB patterns starting with the pilgrim and then again with the indian.  When she did so well with those, I decided to try AAB patterns and she did great again!  We'll definitely be doing this again and with other things in the house.  I downloaded a patterning app for the ipad last week, so maybe I can show it to her and she'll be able to practice with even more images.

This afternoon, after nap time, maybe we'll paint.  I've had 2 corn cobs waiting to be shucked and used for painting sitting in my fridge for the last week!  I'm thinking we also might use the husks to make little dolls...I might be a little over ambitious.  It might be a pumpkin carving all over again!

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  1. The teacher in me LOVES it all!!! And so does the MOm in me. Crafting and learning with your kids is one of the most fun things about being a SAHM! :)


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