Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carving a pumpkin with a 3 year old

Originally we were going to carve a pumpkin on Friday.  Then we were going to do it on Saturday.  Then Sunday.  Finally, we carved the pumpkin on Monday morning.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

I got everything ready and then had Mackenzie sit at the table while I drew the face on the pumpkin.  At this point she was really excited about carving the pumpkin.

When I cut the top off, she was a little less interested.

When I asked her if she wanted to put her hand in the pumpkin, I got this response.

She didn't want to get her hand dirty.  Instead she got down from her chair and played on the iPad!  Oh, well...I tried.  So, it ended up being only me carving the pumpkin.  I think it turned out ok.

Although the carving didn't work out, she did enjoy painting the 6 other small pumpkins we bought. 

Maybe next year she'll participate in cleaning out the pumpkin.  Then again, we might just stick to painting!

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  1. Chloe still won't stick her hand in the pumpkin! But she did carve her first one Sunday. Yours turned out cute. :)


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