Monday, November 21, 2011

Because I can't resist

I just can't resist doing comparison photos of the girls!  Since they are both girls and were born in the same season and are doing and wearing the same things except 3 years apart, it just seems natural to me to put the photos side by side.

It's bumbo seat time!  I couldn't get Meredith to look at the photo, so this comparison is mainly for size.  Meredith is much bigger and cannot even fit in the pajamas Mackenzie is wearing!

Remember this post about the bunny outfit?  Now both girls can complain when they are older! ;)

I love taking pictures at tummy time because at least it looks like they are doing something different than just laying on their backs like in all the other pictures.  But, apparently I had to go all the way to Mackenzie's 6 month to find a tummy time photo!

In the picture above, I think their nose looks the same and maybe the shape of their eyes, but I still don't see a lot of similarities even though several people have told me they do.  Is it just me that doesn't see it?

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