Sunday, October 30, 2011

Responsibility and Chore Chart

I had been planning to create a daily chart for Mackenzie in order to help both of us get up and ready every day.  Since I've been home with Meredith, we've probably had more "pajama days" than I've ever had in my life.  I feel bad when the day gets away from me and not only did I not get dressed for the day, but neither did Mackenzie.  I thought a daily chart might help us along with other daily "chores" Mackenzie needed to start doing.  Fortunately for us, friends of ours stopped by on Monday and brought Mackenzie her birthday present:
A chore chart!  You can change out the chores/responsibilities as needed, so we'll be able to use it for years.  The only chores she has are making her bed and putting away her toys.  All others are just daily things we need to do.  As you can see, Thursday was still a pajama day, but one a week can't hurt! ;)  And we are still working on the "not whining", but that will probably take years! ;)  Actually, it's not so much whining as it is throwing fits when she hears something she doesn't like.  I think its just her age, but we still need to rein in the fits and attitude. "no whining" was the best description on the chart.

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