Monday, October 24, 2011

Play time at the Playground

Last week when we had much cooler weather, we went to one of the neighborhood playgrounds in the morning.  The first morning, we met another mother and her 3 year old daughter, so it was nice to have some adult interaction for a change! ;)  While I tried to get Meredith to sleep in her stroller, the other mother pushed Mackenzie and her daughter on the swings.  The next morning we went back but no one else was at the playground. 
Mackenzie likes to swing...

but when Meredith got fussy, I had to show her how to swing on her own.  She's slowly getting the hang of it.
She finally conquered her fear of climbing the "fish bone".  She's always been a little scared because of the holes in the bottom of the bridge.  She was so excited when she finally climbed over and got to the big slide.

This is how Meredith hangs out at the park.  It was sooooo cold that morning, that I actually put the little "no scratch" mittens on Meredith's hands just in case.
And then of course, as if it had never been cold at all, Saturday morning was HOT!  We walked to the playground, but it was way too hot for me and Meredith, so we walked the half mile to the other larger playground that is covered.  So much better!
 Mackenzie's never been a climber, so I was proud that she wanted to climb this thing to get to the other slides.  I had to stand behind her and show her where to put her feet and her hands, but she did this over and over again. 
 This might be our new playground we go to when it's hot and we'll save the other one for when it's cold and we want sunshine!

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