Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our Garden, smells in my nose & weiners

Today is a day for Mackenzie stories so that i will always remember her at age 3.

1. Mackenzie calls this our garden.

As in, "lets go play in our garden." and after seeing the lawn guy in the backyard, "momma, who's in our garden?" Our first pre-school home school unit/theme might need to be gardens so that she knows what an actual garden is!

2.  When Mackenzie smells something - good or bad - she says,"it smells in my nose."  One time when I asked her what she smelled, she said, "like you."  I had just taken a shower, so i hope she smelled soap!

3.  Mackenzie loves hot dogs.  And when I say hot dogs I mean no bun, just the wiener, however I always call them hot dogs.  When I was in the hospital with Meredith, Brandon's mom asked Mackenzie if she wanted a wiener and of course she had no idea what Cindy was talking about.  Then a couple of weeks ago, Brandon decided to buy some fat free turkey dogs.wieners for Mackenzie.  He called it a wiener when he gave it to her and she took one bite and spit it out saying she didn't like it.  Since then, we've bought "regular" dogs and when I asked her if she wanted a hot dog the other day she said, "yes, but I don't want a wiener."  So apparently their are hot dogs and there are wieners and they are not the same thing!

4.  I've been punishing Mackenzie when she pees in her pull-up.  I always ask her why she did it and i usually have to ask her a couple of times to get an answer, which almost always is "I don't know."  Yesterday Meredith was sitting in her chair and she spit up a little.  Mackenzie told me she spit up and then I heard her ask Meredith several times, "why did you spit up Meredith?"  I'm pretty sure Mackenzie didn't get the answer she was looking for, just like I never do! ;)


  1. marshahaag@yahoo.comOctober 6, 2011 at 8:14 PM

    I love the stories and am glad you are documenting them in this way.


  2. Chloe and I read this together and laughed. So cute!

  3. Not only did she not want a wiener, she also didn't want it cut up on a plate, or heated.....just a whole cold 'hot dog' in her hand. Then, she wanted a second one! It really was funny.


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