Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lion King

When I was 15, Disney's The Lion King came out on VHS.  I had already seen it in theaters and LOVED it, so I asked for the video for my birthday.  Along with the video, I got all kinds of other Lion King stuff from my friends and family.

The few sentences above seem cute and somewhat normal for a 15 year old, or at least a 15 year old in 1995, but the picture below tells a different story!

Wow!  Did I say LOVED?  I meant I was OBSESSED with The Lion King!  So, not only did my parents let us take our pictures like this, but we actually bought prints too!  Or maybe just this one wallet, I'm not sure.

Anyways, I was super excited when The Lion King came out in theaters last month and then was re-released on DVD!  I told Brandon I was going to wait until Christmas for the DVD, but I could resist and I ended up buying the DVD on its release day.  Mackenzie already loves it and we've watched it probably 5 or 6 times and we've only had it since last Wednesday!  Mackenzie was even repeating some of the words the other day and trying to sing along to the songs!  I'm so proud, but I promise not to take pictures in Lion King paraphernalia!

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  1. Wasn't that the movie that Steve and I took you and Ryan to see?


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