Saturday, October 29, 2011

Activity Mats

For Mackenzie's birthday, she received activity mats for us to use inside when we can't go out.  Yesterday I pulled them out for fun to see what she/we could do.   There are 15 total mats and have activities like jumping jacks, balancing, toe touches, hopping and crab crawl.

We tried all of the activities and she knew how to do most of them but had a little difficulty with the crab walk, jumping jacks and balancing (standing on one foot).  I think she had difficulty because she kept trying to match the picture which looked like the boy had his foot really high behind him. 

She also tried to match the feet on the skipping rather than actually skipping. ;)  I think next time, I'll place them throughout the house and we'll just follow them all around the house to get even more exercise!

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