Saturday, October 1, 2011

3 year and 1 month check ups

Wednesday I took the girls to the doctor for their check ups.  Mackenzie is normally scared when we go to the doctor, but we've been talking about it a lot since our last visit about 6 months ago, so she did really well and wasn't scared at all.  She even had the nasal flu spray and only cried a little bit.  Meredith did well also and only cried when she got her vaccine, which is to be expected.  The funny thing was that she only cried for maybe 10 seconds max and then she was fine.  I hadn't even picked her up yet and she had stopped crying!  Hopefully she'll react that same way next month when she gets 2 or 3 vaccines!

I'm always more interested in the stats when I take the girls to the doctor and this visit was no exception.

Mackenzie 3 year stats:
Weight - 32 pounds - 63%
Height - 37 3/4" - 60%

Meredith 1 month stats:
Weight - 9 lb 13.5 oz - 72%
Height - 23" - 97%
Head circumference - 15" - 77%

So the real surprise was Meredith...I knew she was fairly long and gaining weight pretty well, but I had no idea her length and weight were above average.  Looks like she could be a fairly big child, but we'll just have to wait and see.

This trip to the doctor was my first outing with the girls by myself and it went really well.  To celebrate we picked up Whataburger on our way home for lunch - my favorite! ;)  I'd have to say eating out is what I've missed most about staying at home.  When I was pregnant with Mackenzie, I brought my lunch to work every day and rarely ate out, so when I was on maternity leave, eating at home was normal.  This time with Meredith, I was eating out quite a bit at work and so I don't enjoy eating at home every day for lunch.  I'll have to work a once a week lunch outing into our schedule once Meredith gets a bit older.

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