Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lil Aggie

After the game on Saturday, I was determined to find a new shirt for me and other Aggie paraphernalia for the girls.  We went to the bookstore and I did find a shirt that I will be able to wear more comfortably after the remaining baby weight is gone.  As for the girls, we bought a "future aggie" sippee cup for Meredith and a dress for Mackenzie.  In reality, Mackenzie will use both now and then Meredith will use them both later.

Mackenzie wore the dress to bible class on Sunday and when she and Brandon got home I asked her if her teachers liked her dress.  She said yes and that she showed them her panties.  I laughed and asked her what her teachers said when she showed them her panties and she said they laughed.  I'll have to ask her teacher (aka an elder's wife) what she really thought! ;)

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