Monday, September 26, 2011

Gig'em Aggies

Saturday, Brandon and I went to the A&M/OSU game.  Brandon and I had not been back to A&M for a game since we graduated, so it was a lot of fun even if it was super hot!  Walking around on campus was fun, but Brandon and I definitely felt old with all the students walking around that look so "young".  When I realized they were all 2 to 6 years younger than my brother who is already 7 years younger than me, I felt really old!  A lot has changed when it comes to the games on campus.  For one, I don't remember seeing people drink alcohol on campus.  They still don't allow it at Kyle Field, but there were plenty of people drinking around the stadium and up to the point where it was prohibited.  I also found it odd that so many girls were wearing dresses and skirts.  Don't get me wrong, they were cute dresses and I would have probably worn similar dresses when I was that young and skinny, but I definitely would not have worn them to a football game!  There are way too many stairs/ramps/bleachers for a dress, in my opinion.  That and when I think football games, I think of shorts, t-shirts and ball caps - not dresses and skirts.  Of course having these opinions made me feel old...again.

Anyways, despite feeling old and the really long day (we were gone from 11:30 to 9:00), we had fun!  On the way there, we talked about how it would be cool to have season tickets, but after such a  long long day of driving there, going to the game, waiting on the shuttle, sitting in traffic to get out of town and then driving home, I think we've determined that season tickets aren't for us.  Maybe we'll just try to go to one game a season or possible every other season!  As long as it's not another 9 years before we go to another game! ;)

Although I saw lots of little ones at the game, I can't imagine taking Mackenzie to a game.  It was soooo hot and soooo crowded in the stands.  I know she would have been miserable and in turn would have made us miserable.  I think Mackenzie will have to be much, much older before we take her to a game.  Thankfully, Momma and Granny came to watch the girls all day other wise we would never have been able to go!    

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