Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not finished

Meredith will be here in approximately 6 weeks and her room is not ready! We have all the parts and pieces, but it's just not "put together". We have her letters for her wall, the shelves that used to be in Mackenzie's room, the curtain rod...we just haven't put any of it on the walls. :( One of the issues is since we are using all of Mackenzie's old bedding and decorations from when she was a baby, we have to buy/make new stuff for Mackenzie's room. For example, I need a new dirty clothes hamper and lamp for Mackenzie because those two items specifically match the old/new to Meredith bedding and need to move to the nursery. For now, they are still in Mackenzie's room, so Meredith's room is therefore incomplete.

Because we knew we would be changing Mackenzie's furniture...or maybe because we were slightly lazy...we never hung Mackenzie's old shelves or letters on the wall. Because of this, I feel her room is poorly decorated. Well, we're finally changing all of that because of Meredith! Brandon and I designed a shelving unit that holds those canvas boxes you can buy at Target to go in the corner of her room. Brandon built the unit last weekend and is painting it as I type. With that in mind, I drew the following sketch to show Brandon what else I wanted him to build.
You can see the shelving unit I was just talking about drawn to the right. We already have the canvas bags and it will be so nice to store some of her toys and stuffed animals in these cubbies instead of on the floor as they are currently. My old dresser that is in Mackenzie's room does not have enough shelving space to hold her elephant collection, so I've asked Brandon to build a shelf along one of her walls that we could put all of her elephants on. Then below that we can hang her letters that used to hang above her old dresser in our other house. And finally, I'm not sure if I'll buy it or try to make it, but I'd like to create a pin up board for Mackenzie that's wrapped in fabric and striped with ribbon. I think once all of this is in place it will feel more complete. We are also toying with the idea of Brandon making Mackenzie a night stand that we can put a lamp on. Brandon's honey do list gets longer every day! ;)

After I drew the sketch above I thought about Meredith's room and how I wanted the shelves in her room. These shelves are the ones we bought for Mackenzie's room, but I still wanted Brandon to see where I was thinking they would go.
Her letters will hang above her crib and we'll work on that spacing as we actually hang them. Both drawings are to scale and Brandon will be able to use the grids to locate exactly where I want the shelves. The problem I ran into with both rooms is how high to hang things. Our house has 8 foot doors and 10 foot ceilings, which is wonderful in all rooms except childrens' rooms. It's difficult to bring a small room down to scale for a child when the heights are way above even my head. I tried to keep everything down below the door height and left the upper 2 feet open.

I'll take pictures when both rooms are ready, which hopefully is pretty soon. Obviously Meredith's room is priority after Brandon finishes the unit, but her room won't take long once we actually go work on it. Then Brandon can work on the shelf for Mackenzie's room so that we can hang her letters also. Here's hoping all of this gets finished in the next 4 weeks so that we can have some breathing time before Meredith comes! ;)


  1. Your professional sketches are awesome! I love how GOd uses our talents and gifts to make each of us unique. My drawing would have been on a Chick-fil-a napkin with a crayon! haahaha Good luck with all the building and re-decorating!

  2. Yep, 6 years of architecture training has paid off! Great blue prints of the rooms. :)

    I know you are ready for Meredith to be here, but I haven't had enough time to process it yet. LOL Can't wait to see her, though.


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