Monday, July 18, 2011

It's amazing what you can do...

...when guests are coming for dinner! Saturday evening we had some of Brandon's classmates over for dinner as a mini reunion for school. Saturday morning I started cleaning while Brandon was finishing Mackenzie's shelf. As I went into our bedroom I decided I needed to hang a picture over our dresser that has been sitting along the wall for the last 10 months! I also hung some cube shelves on the wall that my mom bought for me back in March!

Even though we've had guests to our house many time since we moved in last September, I had still never had the motivation to hang these item in our bedroom. I can't explain why theses guests sparked motivation for our bedroom, because in the end we didn't even give them a tour of our house, so they never saw our bedroom. Usually with each visit of a guest, there is something that we tend to focus on to finish up. The last thing I worked on was adding a lamp and curtains to our guest bedroom. Eventually, that room needs a night stand or at least something to cover the current night stand which is just an old printer stand. Our bedroom still needs something over the bed, but I haven't quite found it yet. All of this stuff is on that massive list I blogged about a couple of months ago. Slowly but surely we are crossing things off the list!

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