Tuesday, July 19, 2011

House Tour, part 2b

Saturday after I had cleaned for our dinner guests, it occurred to me that I had never given the second part of our house tour. I think all that was missing was our office, living room and master bedroom. Since you saw the Master bedroom in yesterday's post, I thought I'd show you the living room today. I blogged about the living room furniture we bought before we moved in and said to use your imagination, but I never posted final pictures...I don't think. So here is our living room.

It was a little difficult to find furniture to match the existing leather sofa, but in the end I think it turned out great. The photo is a little deceptive because the wood on the chair and sofa are darker than the coffee table even though they appear to look the same. They actually match the leather a little better than in the picture above. Eventually, we'll get a different coffee table I imagine, but for now this works great. And because we have all of the storage in the built-ins along the wall, the coffee table only holds a quilt rather than all of my pictures!

I guess I should still do a house tour part 2 since the guest bedroom is complete and we actually have some office furniture, but I think I'll wait until we finish Meredith's room so it will look a little more complete. There's nothing like taking 10 months to finally decorate all of the rooms in your house! ;)

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