Thursday, July 21, 2011

Funny Mackenzie

Recently Mackenzie has started re-enacting things that have happened earlier in the day. This past weekend at the pool, she and I had to sit in the shallow water while it was "adult swim". After the 10 minutes was up, the life guard blew the whistle for "all swim". I then told her, "OK, we can go in now." After swimming for a little bit, she decided she needed to rest and went to the shallow water to sit down. After 15 seconds of sitting down, she stood up and said, "weeeee, weeeee (whistle), OK, we can go in now." I had to laugh, because such a little thing apparently had an impact on her. I'd get her a whistle of her own, if I wasn't afraid of the sound I would hear constantly as she blew it in the house!

Her other re-enactment was to "call Mr. Joey" on me and Brandon for being bad. Mr. Joey is one of the owners of her school and apparently that day, her teacher had to call Mr. Joey because a little boy in her class wouldn't lay down on his mat for nap time. First she called Mr. Joey on me. She held her play phone and whispered into it where I couldn't hear what she said, which I'm sure is how her teacher called him too. Then she called Mr. Joey on Brandon, but this time yelled at Brandon to lay down and stay still. We both thought it was funny, but did ask her if her teacher had ever had to call Mr. Joey on her. She assured us she hadn't. ;)

Lastly, I have to share Mackenzie's funny interpretation of something I said the other morning while driving. We were on our way to school/work and I told Mackenzie that we were going to be a little late to school because of the traffic. I then added to myself a little more softly, "oh and there's a stinkin' helicopter, so there's definitely an accident up ahead." This was the conversation that followed:

M: stinkin' helicopter?
Me: yes
M: it's dirty? it has poop?
Me: sure (laughing)
M: oh, we change it's lunch

I laughed so hard that morning. Who knew a helicopter could poop and need it's diaper changed! ;) I like that "stinkin'" only has one connotation to her and it seemed so logical. I'm looking forward to many more conversations and re-enactments that make me laugh like these!


  1. Oh, and be ready for this one... when Chloe was only a couple of days old Nathan (3) was sitting next to me and he looked over and got an alarmed look on his face. He put his hand on her forehead and said, "Don't bite Mommy!". I was nursing her at the time.


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