Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day for Me

Last Friday, I went to work for a couple of hours and then took the rest of the day off. I left the job site about 10:00 and went straight to the salon to get a hair cut. I realized on my way there that I hadn't had my hair cut in one year exactly (4th of July weekend last summer)! It was getting too long and stringy and very, very annoying. I didn't color it, but it is at least cut to just below my chin. In the history of my hair styles, this is nothing new - I grow it out for a while and then cut it all off, grow it out and then cut again. Maybe after Meredith is born I'll start coloring it again, but most likely I'll color it at home instead of paying the big bugs to have some one else do it.

After my hair appointment, I picked up Mackenzie from school and took her home for lunch with Brandon. After lunch I put Mackenzie down for a nap and I was out the door for a pedicure! I went to this new place near our house and it was awesome. Granted, I get a pedicure about once a year...maybe, but this was much nicer than the pedicures I've had before. It was a "regular", not "deluxe" and they still massaged my feet with hot rocks, wrapped my legs in towels and soaked my feet in warm (really hot at first) wax. All this for only 26 dollars! It felt so good. In honor of having a fun day just for me, I chose a FUN color for my toes:

I figure I'm probably never going to buy a full bottle of this color, so why not use some one else's color. I think next time I might go for orange! ;)

Yesterday when I picked up Mackenzie from school, I was talking to her teacher and I could hear Mackenzie repeatedly saying, "my momma has green toes". I don't know if the teacher heard her or not. She probably thinks I have some sort of fungus if she didn't get a chance to see my toes. I thought about working with Mackenzie to say, "my momma has green toe nails", but that doesn't sound good either. I think the correct phrase must include the word "polish" just to be clear!

(Sorry about the close up of my fat little toes! I've been on my feet all morning at the jobsite, so they are a little red and swollen. I was also trying to be discrete in my picture taking so that my coworkers don't think I'm crazy for taking a picture of my feet! ;) )

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