Sunday, July 17, 2011

3 years in the making

When I was pregnant with Mackenzie 3 years ago, I started a book about my pregnancy. I had it almost complete when Mackenzie was born and was only waiting on a few things - an actual picture of her was one of them. After she was born, life happened and I never got back to working on the book. Then, when I started by blog book I got a little side tracked for a while and the pregnancy book went to the back burner. Finally, a few weeks ago I tweaked the book, add blog posts and finished it!

It just occurred to me after I got this printed that I had never shown Mackenzie pictures of me when I was pregnant with her, so yesterday I showed her. She was pretty excited since she's used to seeing Meredith "in my belly".

With both pregnancies I've kept a pretty good timeline, so I made a small time line as the "table of contents" in my book.

Brandon saw this next page and said to Mackenzie, "whoa, Momma wrote a lot"! ;) I wanted to be sure I documented the pregnancy and since most of the information I wrote when I was actually pregnant, there are a lot more memories at the time.
Mackenzie saw the ultrasound photo above and said, "it's Meredith." We told her that was actually her and she got excited again. The book contains quotes from emails or blog post where people congratulated us, pictures from my showers and pictures of the nursery. The last thing I added a few weeks ago, were all of the blog posts relating to the pregnancy, including my emotional ups and downs, kankles and Hurricane Ike. The book finally ends with pictures of Mackenzie in the hospital - the waiting was over.

I really like it and I think it turned out great. I thought I might one day have a pink and a blue one, but I guess I'll just have two pink books! Or maybe I'll do Meredith's in purple/lavender. Maybe this time it won't take me 3 years to finish Meredith's. But then again, with 2 kids I'm pretty sure life will happen and 3 years will fly by! ;)


  1. That is a wonderful book! I can't wait to see it one day. You and the girls will be so happy that you made these books. Great idea!

  2. What a great memento for Mackenzie to have!

  3. Totally want to see it!!! What a treasure! :)


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