Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Enjoying her bedroom

Saturday after we put the shelves in Mackenzie's room, we had fun playing and being silly in her room.

Mackenzie loves her new shelves Brandon built her. Every time we went into her room on Saturday she would say, "I like my shelves, Momma and Daddy". Then on Saturday night we bought her a new lamp that sits on the shelf and so now she says, "I like my shelves and lamp". The lamp stand is made of a giraffe, zebra and monkey, so of course she has to tell me about each animal every night when we go to bed. I'm glad she likes it all so much. Maybe these changes in her room will help with any possible jealousy issues she has when Meredith is born. Then again, there might not be any jealousy and then her "new" room is just an added bonus.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mackenzie's new shelves

Brandon finished Mackenzie's cube shelves a little over a week ago and we finally put them in her room this past weekend.
Don't they look great?! Brandon did an awesome job and now the corner of her room looks so much more organized! yippee! ;)
One of canvas boxes at the bottom is missing because it is holding her "bathroom books" as we work on potty training. Eventually it will go back in it's proper cubbie, but for now it's empty.

This past weekend we also hung Meredith's shelves and letters on her wall. I'm feeling much better prepared for Meredith's arrival in the next 3 to 7 weeks! Brandon's next project is the upper shelf for Mackenzie's room, so he better get started, huh? Actually, I think he might be waiting for the weather to cool off a bit before having to get back into the garage for a couple of weekends. I guess I could wait until after Meredith is born...;)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Funny Mackenzie

Recently Mackenzie has started re-enacting things that have happened earlier in the day. This past weekend at the pool, she and I had to sit in the shallow water while it was "adult swim". After the 10 minutes was up, the life guard blew the whistle for "all swim". I then told her, "OK, we can go in now." After swimming for a little bit, she decided she needed to rest and went to the shallow water to sit down. After 15 seconds of sitting down, she stood up and said, "weeeee, weeeee (whistle), OK, we can go in now." I had to laugh, because such a little thing apparently had an impact on her. I'd get her a whistle of her own, if I wasn't afraid of the sound I would hear constantly as she blew it in the house!

Her other re-enactment was to "call Mr. Joey" on me and Brandon for being bad. Mr. Joey is one of the owners of her school and apparently that day, her teacher had to call Mr. Joey because a little boy in her class wouldn't lay down on his mat for nap time. First she called Mr. Joey on me. She held her play phone and whispered into it where I couldn't hear what she said, which I'm sure is how her teacher called him too. Then she called Mr. Joey on Brandon, but this time yelled at Brandon to lay down and stay still. We both thought it was funny, but did ask her if her teacher had ever had to call Mr. Joey on her. She assured us she hadn't. ;)

Lastly, I have to share Mackenzie's funny interpretation of something I said the other morning while driving. We were on our way to school/work and I told Mackenzie that we were going to be a little late to school because of the traffic. I then added to myself a little more softly, "oh and there's a stinkin' helicopter, so there's definitely an accident up ahead." This was the conversation that followed:

M: stinkin' helicopter?
Me: yes
M: it's dirty? it has poop?
Me: sure (laughing)
M: oh, we change it's lunch

I laughed so hard that morning. Who knew a helicopter could poop and need it's diaper changed! ;) I like that "stinkin'" only has one connotation to her and it seemed so logical. I'm looking forward to many more conversations and re-enactments that make me laugh like these!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

VBAC or c-section

Meredith's due in under 6 weeks and in two weeks we'll have an ultrasound to see if she head down yet. Three years ago at my 36 week appointment was when we found out Mackenzie was breech (I had a sneaky suspicion) and my c-section was scheduled. At the time, I was almost prepared for that since I actually thought she was laying sideways, so it wasn't that big of a shock. This time around, it's been like this constant waiting game to see Meredith's position.

So, what am I thinking about while we wait? Well lets see...Is Meredith breech? Does that kick mean she's sideways? Since her hiccups are low in my belly does that mean she's already turned head down? I wonder if I'll have another c-section? If she's not breech, should I try a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarian)? Are there too many risks with a VBAC? Are there too many risks with another c-section? Am I ready for the unknown of labor? Am I ready for the unplanned and unpredictability of labor? Am I ready for the 3 week recovery of a c-section? To say I haven't been thinking about the next 6 weeks, would be an understatement!
Since I didn't technically have any laboring issues last time because we already knew Mackenzie was breech, my chances of delivering vaginally are very high. I've read the information about both, which is more than I did when I found out I was having a c-section the first time, and I think I'm going to try a VBAC. Plenty of woman have them every day, including my grandmother with my dad, uncle and aunt in the 50's. From what I've read, the recovery is much quicker than a c-section and that would be great since this time around I'll have Mackenzie to care for along with the baby. More importantly, my doctor and hospital are willing to do a VBAC if that's what I choose, given that Meredith is in the head down position.

So, what do we do now? We wait. We wait 2 more weeks and maybe even a couple more after that to see if a VBAC is possible. Waiting...very annoying. Luckily I have a busy next few weeks at work, so hopefully I won't have time to focus on the what ifs.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

House Tour, part 2b

Saturday after I had cleaned for our dinner guests, it occurred to me that I had never given the second part of our house tour. I think all that was missing was our office, living room and master bedroom. Since you saw the Master bedroom in yesterday's post, I thought I'd show you the living room today. I blogged about the living room furniture we bought before we moved in and said to use your imagination, but I never posted final pictures...I don't think. So here is our living room.

It was a little difficult to find furniture to match the existing leather sofa, but in the end I think it turned out great. The photo is a little deceptive because the wood on the chair and sofa are darker than the coffee table even though they appear to look the same. They actually match the leather a little better than in the picture above. Eventually, we'll get a different coffee table I imagine, but for now this works great. And because we have all of the storage in the built-ins along the wall, the coffee table only holds a quilt rather than all of my pictures!

I guess I should still do a house tour part 2 since the guest bedroom is complete and we actually have some office furniture, but I think I'll wait until we finish Meredith's room so it will look a little more complete. There's nothing like taking 10 months to finally decorate all of the rooms in your house! ;)

Monday, July 18, 2011

It's amazing what you can do...

...when guests are coming for dinner! Saturday evening we had some of Brandon's classmates over for dinner as a mini reunion for school. Saturday morning I started cleaning while Brandon was finishing Mackenzie's shelf. As I went into our bedroom I decided I needed to hang a picture over our dresser that has been sitting along the wall for the last 10 months! I also hung some cube shelves on the wall that my mom bought for me back in March!

Even though we've had guests to our house many time since we moved in last September, I had still never had the motivation to hang these item in our bedroom. I can't explain why theses guests sparked motivation for our bedroom, because in the end we didn't even give them a tour of our house, so they never saw our bedroom. Usually with each visit of a guest, there is something that we tend to focus on to finish up. The last thing I worked on was adding a lamp and curtains to our guest bedroom. Eventually, that room needs a night stand or at least something to cover the current night stand which is just an old printer stand. Our bedroom still needs something over the bed, but I haven't quite found it yet. All of this stuff is on that massive list I blogged about a couple of months ago. Slowly but surely we are crossing things off the list!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

3 years in the making

When I was pregnant with Mackenzie 3 years ago, I started a book about my pregnancy. I had it almost complete when Mackenzie was born and was only waiting on a few things - an actual picture of her was one of them. After she was born, life happened and I never got back to working on the book. Then, when I started by blog book I got a little side tracked for a while and the pregnancy book went to the back burner. Finally, a few weeks ago I tweaked the book, add blog posts and finished it!

It just occurred to me after I got this printed that I had never shown Mackenzie pictures of me when I was pregnant with her, so yesterday I showed her. She was pretty excited since she's used to seeing Meredith "in my belly".

With both pregnancies I've kept a pretty good timeline, so I made a small time line as the "table of contents" in my book.

Brandon saw this next page and said to Mackenzie, "whoa, Momma wrote a lot"! ;) I wanted to be sure I documented the pregnancy and since most of the information I wrote when I was actually pregnant, there are a lot more memories at the time.
Mackenzie saw the ultrasound photo above and said, "it's Meredith." We told her that was actually her and she got excited again. The book contains quotes from emails or blog post where people congratulated us, pictures from my showers and pictures of the nursery. The last thing I added a few weeks ago, were all of the blog posts relating to the pregnancy, including my emotional ups and downs, kankles and Hurricane Ike. The book finally ends with pictures of Mackenzie in the hospital - the waiting was over.

I really like it and I think it turned out great. I thought I might one day have a pink and a blue one, but I guess I'll just have two pink books! Or maybe I'll do Meredith's in purple/lavender. Maybe this time it won't take me 3 years to finish Meredith's. But then again, with 2 kids I'm pretty sure life will happen and 3 years will fly by! ;)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not finished

Meredith will be here in approximately 6 weeks and her room is not ready! We have all the parts and pieces, but it's just not "put together". We have her letters for her wall, the shelves that used to be in Mackenzie's room, the curtain rod...we just haven't put any of it on the walls. :( One of the issues is since we are using all of Mackenzie's old bedding and decorations from when she was a baby, we have to buy/make new stuff for Mackenzie's room. For example, I need a new dirty clothes hamper and lamp for Mackenzie because those two items specifically match the old/new to Meredith bedding and need to move to the nursery. For now, they are still in Mackenzie's room, so Meredith's room is therefore incomplete.

Because we knew we would be changing Mackenzie's furniture...or maybe because we were slightly lazy...we never hung Mackenzie's old shelves or letters on the wall. Because of this, I feel her room is poorly decorated. Well, we're finally changing all of that because of Meredith! Brandon and I designed a shelving unit that holds those canvas boxes you can buy at Target to go in the corner of her room. Brandon built the unit last weekend and is painting it as I type. With that in mind, I drew the following sketch to show Brandon what else I wanted him to build.
You can see the shelving unit I was just talking about drawn to the right. We already have the canvas bags and it will be so nice to store some of her toys and stuffed animals in these cubbies instead of on the floor as they are currently. My old dresser that is in Mackenzie's room does not have enough shelving space to hold her elephant collection, so I've asked Brandon to build a shelf along one of her walls that we could put all of her elephants on. Then below that we can hang her letters that used to hang above her old dresser in our other house. And finally, I'm not sure if I'll buy it or try to make it, but I'd like to create a pin up board for Mackenzie that's wrapped in fabric and striped with ribbon. I think once all of this is in place it will feel more complete. We are also toying with the idea of Brandon making Mackenzie a night stand that we can put a lamp on. Brandon's honey do list gets longer every day! ;)

After I drew the sketch above I thought about Meredith's room and how I wanted the shelves in her room. These shelves are the ones we bought for Mackenzie's room, but I still wanted Brandon to see where I was thinking they would go.
Her letters will hang above her crib and we'll work on that spacing as we actually hang them. Both drawings are to scale and Brandon will be able to use the grids to locate exactly where I want the shelves. The problem I ran into with both rooms is how high to hang things. Our house has 8 foot doors and 10 foot ceilings, which is wonderful in all rooms except childrens' rooms. It's difficult to bring a small room down to scale for a child when the heights are way above even my head. I tried to keep everything down below the door height and left the upper 2 feet open.

I'll take pictures when both rooms are ready, which hopefully is pretty soon. Obviously Meredith's room is priority after Brandon finishes the unit, but her room won't take long once we actually go work on it. Then Brandon can work on the shelf for Mackenzie's room so that we can hang her letters also. Here's hoping all of this gets finished in the next 4 weeks so that we can have some breathing time before Meredith comes! ;)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

So much energy!

Oh, to have this kind of energy. As I type this, she's already listening/dancing to this video for the 4th time. This was the only dance she did in her dance recital a couple of months ago. We finally downloaded it so she can dance to it more often.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day for Me

Last Friday, I went to work for a couple of hours and then took the rest of the day off. I left the job site about 10:00 and went straight to the salon to get a hair cut. I realized on my way there that I hadn't had my hair cut in one year exactly (4th of July weekend last summer)! It was getting too long and stringy and very, very annoying. I didn't color it, but it is at least cut to just below my chin. In the history of my hair styles, this is nothing new - I grow it out for a while and then cut it all off, grow it out and then cut again. Maybe after Meredith is born I'll start coloring it again, but most likely I'll color it at home instead of paying the big bugs to have some one else do it.

After my hair appointment, I picked up Mackenzie from school and took her home for lunch with Brandon. After lunch I put Mackenzie down for a nap and I was out the door for a pedicure! I went to this new place near our house and it was awesome. Granted, I get a pedicure about once a year...maybe, but this was much nicer than the pedicures I've had before. It was a "regular", not "deluxe" and they still massaged my feet with hot rocks, wrapped my legs in towels and soaked my feet in warm (really hot at first) wax. All this for only 26 dollars! It felt so good. In honor of having a fun day just for me, I chose a FUN color for my toes:

I figure I'm probably never going to buy a full bottle of this color, so why not use some one else's color. I think next time I might go for orange! ;)

Yesterday when I picked up Mackenzie from school, I was talking to her teacher and I could hear Mackenzie repeatedly saying, "my momma has green toes". I don't know if the teacher heard her or not. She probably thinks I have some sort of fungus if she didn't get a chance to see my toes. I thought about working with Mackenzie to say, "my momma has green toe nails", but that doesn't sound good either. I think the correct phrase must include the word "polish" just to be clear!

(Sorry about the close up of my fat little toes! I've been on my feet all morning at the jobsite, so they are a little red and swollen. I was also trying to be discrete in my picture taking so that my coworkers don't think I'm crazy for taking a picture of my feet! ;) )
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