Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Terrible Twos

For the most part, Mackenzie has not been the typical "terrible" 2 year old. She's had her moments here an there, but she's really been a very easy going child and not needed too much discipline. That is until more recently. I've found myself using this phrase a lot, "you need to change your attitude." Or this one, "Why are you upset?" She's been so moody lately and throwing fits much more often. The other day she woke up happy from her nap and then within 3 minutes she was crying and throwing a fit. Brandon finally picked her up and took her to her room for a time out. After that she was better. Apparently, I just need to be a little more active in my disciplining rather than just threats of going to her room.

Another example of her moodiness is when she woke up pretty crabby on Monday morning, but by the time we got to school she was just fine. Then on Tuesday she woke up happy, but by the time we got to school, she was clingy and crying and I had to leave her at the school crying for me. I hate that! This morning - all was well again both when she woke up and when I dropped her off. I didn't have to ask her to change her attitude at all!

I know most of her moodiness comes from her age and the fact that she's trying to understand her emotions and how to deal with them, but it can still be a little frustrating. Since she's almost 3, does that mean the moodiness will instantly stop then? ;)

PS - She is still a very happy child, it's just the slight mood swings that sneak up on all of us - including her.

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  1. Hate to tell you this, but I always thought the 3's were more difficult than the 2's. But of course each child is different.

    I now you and Brandon are doing a great job with Mackenzie!


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