Thursday, June 2, 2011

Getting Closer

It's getting closer, but yet still so far away. I'll be officially in my third trimester on Sunday and today I had my glucose screen for gestational diabetes. Unlike the last pregnancy, I'm happy to announce that I passed the 1 hour glucose screen and DO NOT have to take the yucky 3 hour test! Woo Hoo! And a double woo hoo for not having gestational diabetes! ;)

I also registered at the hospital today, so we are all set should I have to be admitted early for any strange reason. I'll be delivering at a different hospital this time, so I actually had to ask the registration person where I am supposed to go should I go into early labor. I think I should probably sign up for the hospital tour in the next month or so, just as a precaution.

Meredith is doing great and has really started to show her strength in the last week. She especially likes to dance around when I'm laying on my side. It feels awesome. That was sarcastic, except that it does ease my conscious when she moves around. So I guess I'm excited she likes to dance! It would just be better if she didn't do it as I'm trying to go to sleep. ;)

Now that you can see Meredith move on the outside of my belly, I try to let Mackenzie see or feel the movements when I can. She's kind of funny about the whole thing. I'll sit on the couch, raise my shirt up to show my belly and ask Mackenzie if she want to feel Meredith. Most of the time she doesn't really want to touch my belly but will look for the movement. The few times I've grabbed her hand and pressed it to my belly, she's pulled away. When I ask her if she sees the movement, she focuses on my belly button like she's going to see the movement through a hole in my belly. (I have an innie belly button, so it's kind of like a hole in my belly.) After a few minutes of looking, she looks at me and says, "put your shirt down, momma." ;) I guess we are super modest right now. Or maybe my big, ever growing, pale belly is scary to her! ;)

Almost there! Only 88+/- days to go! ;)

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