Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dance Recital

Back in May, Mackenzie had her first dance recital. She's been taking dance lessons once a week for 30 minutes and she usually shows us what she's been working on. I was really excited about seeing her dance, but it hadn't occurred to me until we walked in that she might not dance with everyone looking at her. This is what she looked like when all of the parents walked in - about 20 of us.

But then she surprised me and started the warm up which consisted of jumping up and down for several minutes - lots of energy.

Next came head rolls.

And then finally they were ready. Everyone clapped after the warm up and then they started the ballet portion. I was so excited to see her do her plies, but I soon realized I wasn't going to see them. Mackenzie did this for the remainder of the show (about 20 minutes).

She basically watched everyone else dance or looked at the parents. Occasionally, we would catch her eye and mouth "dance", but she would just look at us and shake her head, "no". Half way through they had to get on the floor to start a new routine and she forgot about the people and danced...

...but then she remembered every one was watching and she didn't want to dance, so she stopped and just watched everyone else.

At the end, she received a trophy and certificate for participating.

Since the recital, she has shown us many of her dance moves, but clearly she doesn't like the big crowds watching her!

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  1. She's so much smaller than the other girls!! So cute. Her hair is getting longer, too.


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