Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Children's Museum

We went to the Children's Museum again this weekend. We love this place and this time, since Brandon came with us, we adventured to some of the areas that we hadn't seen before. Apparently, there are some areas that I assumed were too old for Mackenzie and so I didn't go, but I was wrong. We saw lots of new stuff on this trip.

We made our typical stops in the toddler area and the Kidtropolis area. She stayed an extra long time in the veterinary clinic which I find so funny every time since she's afraid of animals! Maybe she's trying to overcome her fear with stuffed animals first.

But then we found some new stuff. She got a lot of energy out running around on this:
She also enjoyed a "new to us" play area:
Then, she learned to snow board!

And then of course, there were learning activities involved. This was a small light table where you could put different colored plastic shapes on the glass and shine the light up on the ceiling. At one point, Mackenzie picked up one of the pieces and quizzed Brandon saying, "Daddy, what shape is this?" She did it several time and wouldn't put it on the light table until he said the shape. She did a similar thing to me the other day when she folded her straw in half and asked me what letter it was. I thought maybe it was an upside down "V", but she corrected me and said, "no, it's an "A". Then she proceeded to ask me several more times what letter it was until she was sure I understood. ;)

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  1. we love that place too!!! So glad that Mackenzie is too! :)


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