Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mass birthday invite

So, Mackenzie received her first birthday invite from a friend at school. I'm calling it a mass invite, because I don't know who the child is and I've never met their parents, so I'm pretty sure the parent got a list of the kids in the class and gave everyone invites. It's in a couple of weeks at The Little Gym. I guess they'll be doing little gymnastic activities, so I'm looking forward to seeing how Mackenzie does with all of that. So, the next step...RSVP and buy a gift. How do you buy a gift for a child you know nothing about? Do you just buy something for ages "3 and up" and attach the receipt?

Because of the invite, I've now been thinking about Mackenzie's birthday even though I know it's 4 months away. Did you not read my previous post? This is what I do! ;) Anyways, since I've been pregnant I always thought I'd have Mackenzie's party before Meredith arrives, but now I'm rethinking it. Mackenzie's birthday is 3 weeks after my due date. If I have the party in August, I run the risk of Meredith coming early and causing issues with the party date. If I wait until October, I might have a better chance of having someone watch Meredith while we have her party at our house or somewhere else. I think I've decided to do October and that way I have a little leeway with the date just in case Meredith shows up 2 weeks late!

Related to Mackenzie's party, I'm trying to decide where we should have it. Again, I know it's super early to be thinking about this, but oh well, I already am. Her first birthday was in the church gym and her second birthday was at our house. We could try to do it somewhere else, but then more money and renting of things becomes a bigger issue. I think it will be at our house, but I guess I need to wait until Meredith arrives to determine if that's still a possibility. Now for the theme... ;)

Where have you had your kids birthday parties? Do you invite all of your child's classmates or just the ones you know?


  1. I'm totally with you on not ever knowing what to give as a gift. There's only so many "age appropriate" toys at Target/Walmart, and when it's a large party you will probably get the same gift as someone else.

    For Kate's birthdays we do mostly family because they are all in town. Last year I invited one friend. This year I think I'll have to have more of a friend party, and I'm not really sure how I'm going to do that. Our house isn't really big enough for 3 year olds plus their parents...and in August you can't really party outside...

  2. Oh I"ve got opinions on this one! hahha I like house parties because before you turn around they won't want one...all they will want is Putt-Putt or Mr. Gatti's, so I say have cutesy fun while you can!

    And as for invites -if you pass them out at school, then everyone (or all of one gender) should get one. But if you mail them, then you can ask who you want. I prefer the mailing method. But that's just my opinion! :)


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