Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter 2011

2 weeks later I'm finally getting around to blogging about Easter! Better late than never! On Saturday we went to my parents' house for a craw fish boil to celebrate my brother's birthday, my parents' anniversary, Brandon's graduation...anything that needed celebrating. Mackenzie watched the craw fish from afar.

It's a good thing we don't have a pool like that or I might would never get her to go in it again!

It was super hot that day, so we had to have pig tails to keep some of our hair up. If only she'd let me do it more often.

Later in the afternoon, Mackenzie died her first eggs. She seemed to really like it, but wanted to touch them while they were still wet. She probably would have died 2 or 3 dozen eggs if I had let her.
To top of the evening we had a really really really good Italian creme cake. I have several pictures of my cousins "helping" me blow out candles through the years. It's cute to see Mackenzie doing the same thing with my brother. Although, according to Ryan, Mackenzie didn't do her job because the two of them didn't blow out all of the candles and left one still burning!

We stayed the night and spent most of Easter Sunday with my family. Mackenzie liked her basket and had to read each book (she received 4 target dollar spot books) individually before pulling out the next item in her basket.

Favorites - bunny ears and sun glasses. These will come back later in the day!Then we hunted eggs! Every time she found an egg she would say, "oh that's good."
This is her before church in her beautiful Easter dress from my mom.
After church we had our Easter dinner and Mackenzie got to visit with Granny...
..and put every thing from her Easter basket on! This includes bunny ears, sunglasses, bracelets (as anklets), flip flops and she's holding her other bracelets.

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