Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Concept of time

There are a couple of phrases Mackenzie says that are funny and/or confusing.

"yesterday" - When Mackenzie uses the word yesterday she could be talking about something that happened seconds, minutes, hours or weeks ago. If it's in the past - it's "yesterday".

"That's my first time"- Brandon and I think we finally figured this one out. It actually means she's done that activity before or she's been there before. So actually she should say, "it's NOT my first time." She says that phrase every time we go to the mail boxes and she sees the playground next door. The play ground she's played on several times before! Until recently, we didn't understand her, but now I just try to correct her and help her understand what a "first time" is.

In regards to the "yesterday" phrase, I had decided that I wanted to work with her on "yesterday, today and tomorrow" along with the days of the week. I had also looked online for different songs regarding the days of the week so that I could teach her. Then a couple of weeks ago, we were all at the grocery store on Saturday night (what an exciting date!) and we realized she was singing the days of the week! She has already taught Brandon and I the song and gets really upset if we say Monday first instead of Sunday. So, now instead of having to teach her, we just sing it a lot and I just have to reinforce it.

So, the question is, what other concepts does Mackenzie know that I don't realize and I should be reinforcing at home?! ;)


  1. Kate likes to say "last night" when referring to the past. It could have been an hour ago, but to her it was last night.

  2. This is a good blog.
    You should blog about her telling
    you to say OK. I think that is
    so cute.


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