Friday, May 20, 2011


Long before I became pregnant with Mackenzie, I decided I wanted the nursery to have an elephant theme in honor of Texas A&M. In the end it really became a collection rather than a theme that way she can have whatever kind of bedding and still keep all of the elephant figurines and stuffed animals out. I love looking at all of her elephants and have posted a few times about them. Apparently, I never really thought about the next child and what they would collect. I thought maybe they might stick to the same elephant theme, but then do you buy the same elephant thing with gifts or do you buy them each different ones and then what if they like the other one better?

So I'm on the hunt and I think I have it narrowed down - the only problem is that none of them relate to anything like the elephants do, but I guess that doesn't really matter. Anyways, I'm thinking giraffes, monkeys or owls. What do you think?

The giraffes are cute and they make cute little rocking horses like Mackenzie's elephant rocker. And I think you can almost always find giraffe figurines, especially when looking at jungle themes.

The monkeys I'm not so sure about. When I google monkey figurines it pops up with all of the hear no evil, see no evil stuff and I don't really want to go that route.

I'm kind of leaning toward owls right now because they are just so popular and you can find them every where. This website has some pretty cute stuff and it's the first one I looked at. I know there are a million more like this. The question is will they be around later? I think so. The other reason I like the owls is that I have a music box (from one of my own collections) that has 3 owls sitting in a tree. I think it would be neat to pass that down to Meredith. Especially since Mackenzie has an elephant that was my great-grandmothers from the 60s or 70s.

Anyways, just another item on my list to think about! Help me - what animal do you like?

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  1. Charlton, I really like the owl
    collection idea, since that was my
    collection for so many years and it
    was lots of fun.


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