Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brain Overload

My brain is constantly working in the background reminding me of all the things and I need and wand to do. This relates to traveling, shopping, Mackenzie, Meredith, the name it, I'm thinking about it! The other day I finally started putting it all down on paper because I was constantly forgetting what I had thought of the week before. Oh my goodness! My list is l-o-n-g! Some items included are:

-buy letters to hang Meredith's name in the nursery
-make/freeze meals to eat after Meredith is born
-look up special jewelry box for my pearls because Brandon's classmate was shocked that I kept my pearls with all my other jewelry
-buy patio furniture
-buy new tennis shoes for Mackenzie
-decorate above the kitchen cabinets
-look up new recipes on-line

Everything is so random and most are not related to each other. But of course they almost all require spending money, so it's not like my typical to-do list that I can easily cross off.

At some point you would think my brain would stop thinking of things to do, but nope - I add at least one item everyday! Right now I've labeled my list as my "Everything to do/wishlist". I think I should rename it more appropriately as my 5 or 10 year goal list! Maybe then I won't be disappointed when I can't cross things off. In reality, just writing about it has helped me to decide to sort through the list and divide the items into specific time frame goals. I think this would be the best since I'm pretty sure Mackenzie needs the new shoes before I need to decorate my kitchen cabinets or buy patio furniture! ;)

Does this happen to anyone else? Do you have a "wishlist" of all things wanted/needed?

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  1. I don't think my brain ever stops sometimes. I'm pretty sure if I actually sat down and made a list I could come up with a very similar one (minus all the things to do with a new baby)!


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