Monday, May 2, 2011

Bathing Suit

A week ago, I went to Motherhood Maternity with the sole purpose of buying a maternity bathing suit! Yikes!

I thought it would be a horrible experience, but surprisingly it wasn't that bad! I tried on 4 suits and settled on the first one I tried on. I'd show it to you, but since I bought it at the outlet mall, it appears to be from last season and they don't have it online. Anyways, it's really cute and doesn't look too bad on me...if you don't look at my legs!

I also bought a couple of tank tops that along with my 2 from my last pregnancy are my go-to weekend top. So comfortable! I've realized that when I'm pregnant, I use that time to wear tank tops that I wouldn't normally where because I figure everybody assumes my fatty upper arms are because I'm pregnant. I'm already planning to work on the upper arm thing after I have this child because I really like wearing the tank tops/sleeveless shirts. And lets face Houston I need to wear the tank tops in order to not overheat! So, if I can wear them when I'm not pregnant and not be self conscious all day, that would be great!

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