Friday, May 13, 2011

Something I've never done until now

The title is much more intriguing than what I did...but that may be a true statement about almost everything.

I turned someone in yesterday. Well, I turned in a description of a car to building management/security at my office. Our office parking garage has up and down ramps that are not located at the very end of the garage, so often cars almost hit people crossing to their cars because they are driving too fast when they round the corner. Yesterday, I stepped out of the stair well and listened and looked for any cars coming down the ramp beside me. No cars. I took 2 steps into the crosswalk and then my toes were almost run over by a woman in a tan car. I immediately stopped and she kept on going with out any kind of wave or sorry...nothing! I crossed the rest of the way to my car and as I drove down to the ground level I noticed the security guard standing near the exit checking/recording cars' speed and license plates if needed. (clearly speeding is a common problem in our garage) I rolled down my window and asked the guard if she happened to get the license of the tan car that exited a couple of minutes ago. Not to my surprise, she said yes and that she had clocked her going 12 mph (limit is 5 mph) and wrote down her license. I asked her if she could also note that she almost ran me over a couple of floors up and she said yes. So...I tattled. At 31 years old, I am a tattle tale. But in my defense, I didn't want to get hit by a car! ;)

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  1. I would have tattled too if I almost got run over. One of my friends told me how she tattled last week so it's not quite so rare.


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